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Railing and Staircases

How To Choose The Ideal Staircase

For Your Home

We use both our experience from the past and the latest modern technology in order to make the process easier, more efficient and cost–effective. We combine the latest computerized processes with the trusted handiwork of our skilled associates to provide the utmost in functionality, structural integrity and durability.

In terms of the interior of a home, stairs and railings remain a major focal point and visual centerpiece. From open concept, winder box, circular to standard straight staircases, we are prepared to help you find the perfect staircase for your home.

Some factors to consider would be the functional aspect of the staircase—will it experience a lot of traffic? Does it need to be wide instead of narrow? Do you have elderly members of your family who will need special requirements? A thorough consideration of functional factors will make sure that your new staircase is both perfect for your home and the people living in it.

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Toronto 416 604 0607 | York Region 905 669 0607 | Text us at 416 891 6705

We are proud to provide a large variety of stair designs and styles that will suit every customer’s need. We’d be delighted to help you rejuvenate your household as well as increase its immediate value through our service.
Contact us for more info We have the variety in styles and options for our clients to build the perfect customized stairs in Toronto and the Greater GTA. We’ll be able to design the staircase that you have envisioned, craft it to fit the exact dimensions of your home, then install it as intended—all while making sure that you are perfectly satisfied with our work, every step of the way.
Wood species such as oak, maple, birch, beech, ash, mahogany, walnut, jatoba and cherry are just a few that are available to our clients, all ready to be utilized in components and accessories such as spindles, handrails or posts. The customization aspect of staircase design is an excellent opportunity for our clients to inject their personal touch and style into the project, and to make their new stairs a true visual centerpiece for the home.

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Dustless sanding is an option so many people are looking for. We can sand your floors and produce a bare minimum of dust. Any dust from the process is extracted into an industrial HEPA vacuum. This option is available in houses or apartments.Sandless refinishing is also an option. You can use this system to top coat your existing urethane or aluminum oxide finish. We can perform this system on floors that have minor scratches and abrasions. This system can be used to work around hard to move furniture or on laminate or engineered hardwood flooring.

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