What is Tykote

“Dustless Hardwood Sanding”

Refinishing Your Wood Floors…No Dust…No Mess

Dustless Hardwood Sanding

Basic® Coatings TyKote® Dustfree Refinishing System has reinvented the wood floor refinishing process. This innovative system makes it easier to give your customers beautiful floors in less time and with no dust or mess. The fast and easy-to-use 3-step process means wood floors can be back in business the next day.

Easy, proven 3-step process Less prep and clean up Fast! Re-coat tonight, back in business tomorrow Eliminates the dust, noise, and mess of traditional methods Works with site-finished and most pre-finished wood floors

Step 1 : unsurpassed cleaning in heavily soiled areas . Squeaky is then used to remove residue and prepare the floor. the genius of the system is in combing the chemical innovation basic coating is known for with the compact dirt dragon floor cleaning machine

Step 2 : Tykote is the revolutionary way to prepare wood floors for re coating . Its exclusive properties act as the bonding agent between the existing floor and the new top coat

Step 3 : Tykote system enables it to be used with any basic coating water-based urethane finish

Our Mission

Dustless sanding is an option so many people are looking for. We can sand your floors and produce a bare minimum of dust. Any dust from the process is extracted into an industrial HEPA vacuum. This option is available in houses or apartments.Sandless refinishing is also an option. You can use this system to top coat your existing urethane or aluminum oxide finish. We can perform this system on floors that have minor scratches and abrasions. This system can be used to work around hard to move furniture or on laminate or engineered hardwood flooring.

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